the Anywhere Clinic

No one turned away for lack of funds.


I now have limited availability for new patients again! Please contact me to book your appointment.

It has gotten difficult to source PCR tests so I'm only testing (with rapid home antigen kit) when I have cold or flu symptoms.

As of 2019, I'M NO LONGER IN NETWORK WITH ANY HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY. There are a few directories that refuse to update/delete provider listings, sorry about that. I've really tried.


For the first time since I got my acupuncturist license in 2011, I am not accepting new patients.
If I have seen you before please contact me to book your appointment; if you are new, check out my referrals or contact me to get on my waiting list. I will take on new people as soon as my regulars 'graduate' from weekly sessions!

As of October 20, 2022 I have received the Pfizer bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine (in addition to 3 Pfizer shots on March 1 & 23, 2021; January 10, 2022). I am still rapid-PCR testing weekly.

Starting September, office visits will be $120, and housecalls will be $30 per 15 minute commute (minimum $150).

Same-day appointments are subject to a $50 fee (e.g., office visit $170, housecalls minimum $200). This fee may be waived at my discretion (e.g., for labor support).

I have two Berkeley locations where I can see patients. $120 per session notaflof.* Please come prepared to wear an N-95 or equivalent mask for the duration of your visit.

If you prefer not to leave your house, or need wheelchair accessibility, you may schedule housecalls at $150 per person notaflof, plus a housecall excursion fee (minimum $30). I will bring all necessary supplies and equipment to you for a positive treatment outcome. I will wear a KN-94 mask for the duration of my visit. You are not required to wear a mask in your home, but I recommend it in case of COVID-19 exposure.

Remote consultations are available at for $30 per 15-minutes.

*No one turned away for lack of funds policy: Payment plans are available for all appointment types. Please discuss your financial needs with me before your appointment. Notaflof does not apply to: housecall excursion fees, same day appointment fees, no-show/late cancellation fees ($100, even if you booked a discounted session), or herbs ($20 per bag or bottle). Herbs prescribed remotely may be mailed USPS at cost or arranged for zero contact local drop-off/pick-up.