the Anywhere Clinic

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specialty?
No. Chinese medicine usually treats the person, not the disease. That said, I've worked on people with allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancer, common cold, diabetes, digestive problems, drug reactions, glaucoma, gynecological problems, high blood pressure, infections, insomnia, mental health issues, pain (acute, chronic and post-op), pregnancy & childbirth, sexual dysfunction, skin problems, smoking cessation, stroke, and tinnitus. I especially enjoy working with teachers, therapists, caregivers, the recently bereaved, and performing artists.

Do you make house calls?
Yes, I do. Please email me your address and a brief explanation for why you need a house call. I've done house calls for home hospice, home births, group wellness, and disability. House calls are a specially negotiated rate based on your needs and my commute. COVID-19 UPDATE: I am offering housecalls at my office visit rate for the duration of this global pandemic. The housecall excursion fee ($2 per miles traveled to/from Manzanita) will come back into effect when traffic starts up again.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes, please. Same day appointments are often available if you text message me.

May I make an appointment with you at AIMC?
At the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College teaching clinic, you will be treated under my supervision. This means I will be present but the intake and treatment be performed by interns in the Master's program. COVID-19 UPDATE: All in-person clinic is suspended and I am not currently part of AIMC's telemedicine program.

What modalities do you use?
Most frequently, a combination of acupuncture, kinesio-taping, TDP heat lamp, and lifestyle suggestions. I also use contact needles, electroacupuncturefire cupping, herbs, lancet needling, moxibustion, and reflexology. For more information on each of these modalities, see here.

What herbs do you use?
I prescribe Chinese herbs in patent and custom formulas. I use herbs, minerals, and animal products that are NOT endangered species. Vegan, organic, pesticide- and gluten-free options are available upon request. COVID-19 UPDATE: I am offering zero-contact local herb pickup/dropoff, and herb mailings via USPS.

Do you charge by modality?
No. My $100 in-person session fee is all inclusive. Herbs are $10 per bag or bottle. COVID-19 UPDATE: 30-minute remote consultations are $50. 15-minute followups are $25, fee waived if you had a 30-minute consult within 2 weeks.

Do you offer discounts, trades, or payment plans?
Yes! I take the 'no one turned away for lack of funds' (notaflof) part of my private practice seriously. Every day I am in practice three pay-what-you-can appointments are reserved for people who need discount, trade, or complimentary sessions. If you cannot pay the full fee, please ask me about these special slots when we are scheduling your appointment.

Do you take insurance?
As of February 1, 2021, I no longer accept insurance. I do accept patients who pay their copayment rate under the pay-what-you-can policy (see above) but your insurance company will not be billed. For some reason Anthem Bluecross and Aetna still have me listed as an in-network provider. I hope that they will remove me from their listing soon.

Do you take worker's compensation cases?
Not at this time. Sorry, I tried and couldn't figure out the paperwork.

What happens if I can't make it to my appointment?
For cancellations, please call, text, or email me 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. No shows and late cancellations will be charged in full, even if you booked a pay-what-you-can appointment.

What kinds of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, and Venmo.