the Anywhere Clinic

No one turned away for lack of funds.

Useful Links to Other Places

Manzanita Wellness Collective

(I've been treating patients here in west Berkeley since 2013, on Saturday afternoons.)

Orange Kettlebell Club

(I'm treating patients here in north Oakland, Thursdays by appointment only.)

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College

(I taught and supervised here from 2016-2020)

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

(I volunteered here from 2016-2022)

Referrals (people I have personally tried & liked, in alphabetical order):

Adeliz Araiza, LAc in San Francisco

Connor Weprin, LAc in Berkeley

Jessida Putkaew, LAc in Kensington (speaks Thai)

Katie Scarlett, LAc at Sarana Community Acupuncture in Albany

Lisa Medel, DC in Bonney Lake, WA (for nutrition and chiropractic care)

Megan Geren, LAc in Lafayette and San Francisco

Michelle Borok, LM in Oakland (for home inseminations and midwifery)

Poppy Nha-Hanh Nguyen, LAc in Oakland (speaks Vietnamese)

Sapho Flor, LAc in Berkeley

Satish Dholakia in Los Angeles (for meditation and energy healing)

Tracy Richardson, LAc in Berkeley (her Dragon Balm is amazing!)

Wendy Ormiston, LCSW in Oakland

Mandarin-friendly Practitioners and Apothecaries:

Dr. Hao Liu, OMD in Cupertino
(for internal issues, REALLY long waitlist)

Dr. Hong Jin, DAOM in Portland (for women's health issues)

Wan Fung Herbs in Albany

Xu Hadig, LAc in Cupertino (for musculoskeletal issues)